Terrorism in Tombland? Norwich spooky!

The Tombland area of ​​Norwich (derived from the term "uninhabited land" – which in fact does not refer to anything associated with an unjust danger) – is a great attraction for tourists and locals alike, with many historic buildings surrounded by the majestic cathedral. And Elm Hill. The vicinity also has several excellent cafés and […]

Day Spa has advantages and disadvantages

The day spa services are mainly focused on personal care treatments with the sole aim of improving the beauty, health and relaxation of the individual through different methods and techniques. These methods and techniques are usually through massage to different parts of the body and face. These services are often limited because they involve only […]

Cancun weather – the best and worst months to go

The weather in Cancun is one of the reasons this Mexican resort enclave is the second most popular holiday destination in the Caribbean. Other reasons why Cancun attracts many tourists include hotels, shopping and restaurants. Inexpensive bus transportation system. Lots of things to do; easy access to and from US airports. The journey takes an […]

Uganda Pugilist John "Matador" Munduga: Friends of John "Monster" Mugabi

Pugilist John Munduga, of Lugbara descent from northwestern Uganda, was one of the country's top boxers during his amateur career in the late 1970s and early 1980's. It was evident for his lean construction and length. Although he was in the low weight ranks, he was just over 6 feet tall. He has been considered […]

The Frank Sinatra and John Hershult Humanitarian Award

There have been many articles written about Frank Sinatra who was perhaps one of the most important and influential singers of the 20th century. Sometimes, he is insulted in the press because of his short fuse and anger. At other times though people have shown respect for the man who fought for equal rights for […]

Jaisalmer – a golden city in Havelis

Introduction The camel for Safari is only another reason to visit Jaisalmer, but still the attractions is the royal palaces, Havelis, for the royal families in Jaisalmer. Havel Hotel, one of the most important heritage and heritage, is a major attraction in Jaisalmer popular with visitors. The prosperous merchants of Jaisalmer contributed to the legacy […]