What is the summer in Buenos Aires like?

If you plan to be in the great city of Buenos Aires between December and February of prepare for the opportunity to experience the Argentinian summer.

To summarize summer in Buenos Aires with just two words, these words will be "very hot." What I mean by "very hot" are days when the temperature can reach over 35 ° C (95 ° F). These may sometimes be unlikely for those of us who have not adapted to these temperatures can be some stifling days, even for locals. So it's best to be prepared for a hot summer in Buenos Aires. It is recommended to pack light clothing, such as shirts and shorts, as well as sun hats and sunglasses. If you are planning a trip during the summer, you may want to make sure that your hotel or Buenos Aires is at least a fan or accommodation. Day and night can also be hot and humid conditions. Many streets in the city are lined with a tree that provides a welcoming shade. But in large open spaces like gardens, you'll find yourself at the mercy of the sun. So you might want to consider wrapping sun cream and possibly an umbrella.

It's always good to carry some water with you to keep you hydrated. The great thing about Citi is the abundance of stalls, which won't be far from you. These sell cold water and soft drinks. During the summer in Buenos Aires, there are rainy days and it can rain heavily. For such incidents, you may want to get a lightweight waterproof jacket and have a handy umbrella.

If you find that hearing is unbearable and keeps quiet, you can go for a swim. Some Buenos Aires Hotels and Apartments hotels offer pool facilities. You can also visit Parque Norte, located near the Belgrano district of Buenos Aires. It is a large leisure club with large swimming pools. But for something more natural and different, a trip to the Tigre Delta is a popular choice. Here you can rent cabins and stay at Hotel Bed and Breakfast. Some places have swimming pools or others that have beaches on the river where you can relax.

If nothing else succeeds, Argentina makes wonderful ice cream (Helado) and the city is full of Heladerias (ice cream shops). Relaxing with a cone or tub of ice cream on a summer day in this amazing city can be a pure blessing.

Buenos Aires has something for the visitor for all seasons and all weather conditions. Just make sure the package is sufficient.

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