Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is located in the New Zealand and Amager Islands. It is the capital of Denmark with a population of 1,167,569 as of the 2009 census. The city is the center of culture, industry, media, science, information technology and shipping.

The city is known as the cleanest city in Europe with a better lifestyle. Apart from those music, entertainment, media, entertainment, architecture, parks, shopping is extremely lively in nature. The city attracts a very large number of tourists to see the places you see.

Things to do and see:

Small Mermaid:

The mermaid statue is legendary. The Danish author Hanskristian Anderson consisted tales of a mermaid. Mermaid's life was critical on Copenhagen's waterfront. So women celebrate the birthday of the little mermaid around the statue in the water. The statue is very beautiful and made for her honor. A Disney movie is produced about it.

The Palace of Amalienburg:

It is a royal castle. The queen was staying here in winter. This residential palace was intended for the royal couple. Now visitors can visit only two out of four palaces. The Christian VIII palace is partly used as a museum of the Royal Glucksburg family. But the Queen's seventh Christian palace is now open to the tourist. The statue of Frederick V is located in the middle of the castle.

o National Exhibition:

The museum, the Statins Museum of Kunst, reveals a 15th-century statue. The combination of ancient and modern art, painting reflects the artistic experience of painting from Europe and Danish. The museum is also known as the National National Gallery. Temporary exhibitions are held here. Sunday is free to visit the museum.

Channel Tours:

Harbor channel tours are very attractive and exciting. A journey on the old canal through all the districts of the old cities is enjoyable. A 60-minute harbor or canal tour by hop-on hop-off water buses. The water bus sailing between the sea and Amager is sailing. A visit to Holmen is more suggestive.

Kronborg Castle:

In Hamlet, sekhsphere is described around the castle that is worth a visit. This is famous in Northern Europe and is now used as a museum with a modern art show. For the children's competition, puzzles, and for the journey down, one can find the national hero Holger Gdansk.

Tivoli Gardens:

This is the oldest amusement park. Now the place is used for meetings and gatherings. Lighting, firework celebrations Mass of Christ is absolutely amazing.

The National Museum

It was built for King Friedrich in 1746. But now it has become a historic museum with a light voice and a scene of the building.

o Stroget:

It is the world's largest pedestrian market with shops and shoppers of all tastes. Here one can also find the sights of Helligandskirken, Church of Our Lady. One can watch the City Tower, Kangens Nytorv Square with the Danish Theater near Stroget.

Circular Tower:

This is the symbol of European architecture. One can see the city and observe the movements of the planets through a large telescope which is in practice since 1642. Denmark is famous for astronomy. The shape of the tower is rounded for easy celestial observation.

Hey Louisiana:

It is a magnificent international museum of modern art, only 40 km from the city. One can find a collection of 3,000 works in the museum. One can also see famous international artists in the museum. Wonderful Danish art, sculpture speaks of the glorious past. The museum also offers special annual exhibitions. There is no doubt that the city is worth a visit to the oldest kingdom has many events.

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