Tokyo Holiday Tips

Are you thinking of a beautiful holiday in Japan? Do you want to experience the exciting Japanese culture for yourself? Did you know it's not expensive to explore Japan?

Tokyo is a wonderful place. It's very lively here. There are many things to see, eat and explore. There are thousands of shops in an area of ​​one square kilometer. There is an old Tokyo mixed between the new. You will need about 6 months to explore the whole city.

I was in Tokyo in 2008 and I was the first time I visited. I totally enjoyed myself. The food was very fresh everywhere I went. People were very friendly. Every time you walk into a shop or greet you, people greet you with smiles and greetings. The places were very clean. I love going to public toilets here because they were very clean. This was the best of all Asian countries I have traveled to. I heard about Taiwan and Singapore but I am still convinced that the Japanese are the healthiest of all Asian cultures.

We stayed at the Capsule Hotel in Tokyo and it was average $ 40 a night. It was small but comfortable for a man like me with a length of 173 cm. Apart from having 1.2 meters of 1.2 meters of 2.m sleeping capsule in the rest of the hotel it was shared. It's very clean. Once you enter the hotel, you are asked to take off your shoes and store it in a private locker. The reception staff passes a pair of clean slippers to use instead.

There was sushi everywhere and it was very fresh. Japanese sushi rice was moist and soft and it was hard to believe. After trying Japanese sushi, you won't eat anything in Australia. The food is not expensive here either. You can get a lunch box with rice for less than A $ 7. The most expensive thing in Japan is the cost of accommodation. Wherever I go the sushi was very tasty and fresh. The sushi was very fresh even in cheap restaurants. This was incredible.

If you're going to Tokyo, maybe I suggest doing some research about the city? Such things to consider are where to stay, eat and what you want to see and experience. You have to learn some simple Japanese to train because people don't speak English here.

I also suggest traveling by metro because the train system is efficient and easy to use. Taxis can be expensive and sometimes rude.

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