The best hospitals in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia and was formerly known as Burma. Yangon is no longer the capital of Myanmar; yet it remains the largest city in the country as evidenced by its population of more than four million. The city also has the largest number of colonial buildings throughout Southeast Asia. In addition, Yangon is characterized by numerous temple festivals, museums, art galleries and gardens and is the main center of tourism in Myanmar. The healthcare sector in Yangon is in the process of development, and there are only a few hospitals providing healthcare services in accordance with international standards. This is a note of some of the best hospitals in Yangon.

Royal Asia General Hospital Is one of the hospitals in Myanmar offering medical service according to international standards. The hospital is located at No. 14 Baho Street in Sanshawong Top. This 11-storey multidisciplinary hospital was created in 2000. The cardiology department of the hospital is the most famous department of the hospital. The Department of Surgery is also very modern and offers service in every department including reconstructive surgery, pediatric surgery and laparoscopic surgery. The hospital's emergency care service is available 24 hours a day and has doctors and nurses specializing in accommodation. There is also a 24-hour ambulance service and an airport pick-up service. The hospital also has a modern intensive care service. The hospital's computerized laboratory conducts all types of tests and has external quality assurance programs from Australia. The radiology department is equipped with the latest devices such as Siemens 550mA (Germany), Shimadzu Japan, Polymobil 250mA (Siemens) and Mobile X-ray SAXO 60mA (Apelem, France). Phone: 95-1 538055.

SOS International Clinic Located on 37 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Inya Lake Hotel is another healthcare facility in Yangon offering modern medical service. International SOS is one of the most well-known healthcare and medical companies in the world, this hospital is the first international SOS clinic in Myanmar and offers excellent service since 1995. The hospital offers modern medical service in all major branches of medicine and manages many telehealth programs. The services of prominent doctors and experienced nurses are available in the outpatient department. Family practice counseling is offered in English, Japanese and French. The center is equipped with laboratories and diagnostic services and is provided with all kinds of medicines available in the pharmacy. The 24-hour emergency department has a spacious suite equipped with the latest monitoring and recovery equipment. Ambulance services are also available. Phone: 95 1 667 879.

Yangon General Hospital Located in Lanmadaw 11131, Yangon is the main hospital in Myanmar in the public sector. The size of this hospital is illustrated by the eight wings, 1500 beds and more than twenty departments. YGH provides cost-effective clinical and surgical service in more than 24 specialties. The hospital has facilities for radiation therapy, CT scans, electrocardiograms, as well as nuclear medicine examination and EEG. YGH is equipped with a modern intensive care unit, emergency department and with private clinics for diabetics, dentistry, burns, epilepsy, pain treatment and skin care. Phone: 256 112.

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