Ten unusual foods are mentioned in popular songs

On Thanksgiving Day, the local public radio station played the role of Alice's restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, who describes in great detail the ordeal of the singer on the last Thursday holiday in November. Some other songs seem to fit the theme of Thanksgiving, especially if you're looking for songs about turkeys.

John Lennon Cold turkey Probably the most famous, but it is not more about the bird at the dinner table than about the personal struggle. Despite all the different types of food found in songs, few seem to relate to items traditionally served on Thanksgiving.

Over many years of listening to music, I discovered that some of the foods mentioned in my favorite song are actually metaphors for something else. Colitas I thought for Mexican cuisine in California hotel By eagles are actually edible plant shoots.

Also famous is the supposed food mentioned in Benny Lane Of the Beatles, "Four Fish and Pie Fingers." The first part of this line already refers to the chips, but the last dish is not candy at all. Similarly, Seafood at Squeeze's Pull the mussels from the shell Actually refers instead to a physical act.

Unlike the three previous examples, most songs that mention food actually refer to something to eat. Here are ten of the most unusual types of food in popular songs.

FIGMET Sandwich from Down

Colin Hay and his Australian band Men at Work topped the chart with Business Aswall, where this successful video featuring "Six Feet Four Muscled Men" reinforces Hay gives something like a vegmit sandwich.

Kippers from Breakfast in America

The title of the band's first album asked them, "Can we have diapers for breakfast, Mummy Dear?" -This means that they want to eat fish for a morning meal.

Jambalaya from On Bayou

Hank Williams used this Louisiana treatment, along with a reptile pie, in one of his most famous songs.

Mrs Wagner pancakes from USA

These sweets mentioned in the song of Simon and Garfunkel were sold as individual portions of a bakery in Ocean Grove, New Jersey until 1969.

Wheat bulgur from Cheese Burger in Paradise

Jamie Buffett, also acknowledges the successful song from I'm the son of a sailor The title sandwich is preferred over these Middle Eastern cuisine.

Baguette from Hustle Steel Remix

Rick Ross mentions these biscuit-like things, thinking of watching "Embedded with Princess and French Bread".

Truffle from Savoy truffle

George Harrison contributed to this song in exotic food combinations in The White Beatles, and has become one of the most delicious tracks on it.

Minsteron from Life is Minestrone

After purchasing 10cc's Original soundtrack As for the song "I am not in love", I quickly looked at Monastir to find it a kind of soup.

Sorrel from sorrel

The 60's and 70's Wishbone Ash dedicated this entire song to spinach-like vegetables.

Quinoa from Primad sandwiches

This vegetarian food, along with many other songs, appears in the song presented by alternative glass animals.

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