Net Worth TV is looking at the impact of the Boston explosion

When explosions explode in major events, public sports or other events, the economic impact is felt not only in this city, but throughout the country. Net Worth TV takes a look at how fear in Boston affects the rest of the nation and perhaps the world.

External events in other cities

The United States has a strong and aggressive plan when a city suffers an attack like the one in Boston. Almost immediately, other major cities across the country enhance security in public places, in public transport and throughout the metro area. This certainly affects the economic impact of that city and others that follow. The public thinks twice about paying for air tickets, hotels, car rentals and other travel needs to cities where they believe another attack might happen. Reservations were canceled and revenue lost. The city will then have to spend more money on advertising that reassures people that their area is already safe and prepared for disaster. In Boston, law enforcement closed 15 buildings around the site of the explosions. Local businesses will feel as a result in lost sales.

Net TV on how cities can restore after fear

It is understood that it takes time to recover after a disaster in the city. Residents slowly return to work, businesses begin to reopen, and visitors plan to return and spend money. Life returns to normal. But at the same time, everyone is more aware about those around them and where they are. It takes a long and costly advertising campaign to reassure the world that the city is once again safe and ready to operate. A good example is New Jersey Beach, where Hurricane Sandy occurred last year. Despite the devastation caused by the storm, local, state and federal leaders came together and began the process of cleaning the beach and preparing to open the busy summer season.

Real team effort

These are the days after 9/11 when we meet, as a nation, when something terrible happens to our cities. Net Worth TV applauds those who helped the wounded and made a wonderful law enforcement and first response to the people of Boston. This happens in every American city after any kind of events that cause damage, injury and loss of life. We are strong and strong people who are not afraid of cowardly acts. We join hands and work as a team in the purest sense of the word. We can be afraid, but it makes us stronger. That is why we rebuild after the storms, step up and provide first aid when needed and become the family of Americans. It may hurt our economy for a while, but it is getting stronger.

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