Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a buffer island off the east coast of New Jersey. The island, commonly referred to as LBI, spans just over 18 miles. This Jersey Shore holiday resort is just a few blocks away! When people think of New Jersey, they rarely think of an island, but surely, there is this buffer island!

Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a popular summer vacation area. While many think of Wildwood or Atlantic City when they think of Jersey Beach, these gems (LBI) have a wonderful non-commercial feeling for families looking for a relaxing trip and looking to get away from the world of privileged foods and large square shopping complexes.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey actually consists of many small towns. While the island is 18 miles long, there are few cities. The most popular city is Beach Haven, since it is the center of activity. You don't have to be wrong, there are great things to see and do along the entire island.
The Barnegat Lighthouse has been a part of the island for over 150 years and provides a lighthouse again after relying on its 150th birthday.

Fishing and water sports are popular activities. With many different anchors and places to choose from, you can do anything from deep sea fishing to renting jet skis.

Families looking to enjoy many activities at Long Beach Island can choose from many hotels and motels, as well as renting beach houses. One thing you won't find is the big name franchise hotels; these are nice mom and pop motels and hotels that dot the island helping to preserve the island's charm.
While visiting Long Beach Island, be sure to enjoy a wide variety of restaurants that cater to different tastes from fresh seafood, Italian cuisine, sandwiches and fast burgers.

A popular activity that is gaining ground is surfing Long Beach Island! Many surf shops now offer surfing lessons for visitors. It's becoming very popular, so if this interests you, be sure to call the store and sign up early!

People often do not think of New Jersey as a vacation destination, but the city of Chelsea Jersey has a lot to offer. It is a hidden gem offering great accommodation, family-friendly activities and a beautiful and clean beach.

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