Jaisalmer – a golden city in Havelis


The camel for Safari is only another reason to visit Jaisalmer, but still the attractions is the royal palaces, Havelis, for the royal families in Jaisalmer. Havel Hotel, one of the most important heritage and heritage, is a major attraction in Jaisalmer popular with visitors. The prosperous merchants of Jaisalmer contributed to the legacy of the palaces. There are many palaces worth seeing in Jaisalmer. Epic mansions have cut the sovereignty in sandstone. This is the joy of the tourist now because it enjoys excellent maintenance. The three 19th-century Havelis sites are impressive and impressive.

Architectural Engineering

The palaces were a residence as well as a symbol of merchants. The lavisher and haveli, the richer merchant. The architecture of this Havelis is exclusive and unique. The entrance gates are carved and exquisite sculptures. For example, Nassim Havel was coordinated by two Muslim brothers, Hati and Lallo. The stone elephants are carved at the gates of two havellis opposite Salem Singh Ki Haveli and Natalmal Haveli. Also to see are the sculptures of trains and bicycles, gadgets from the former modern era. The interiors of imposing havels are decorated with beautiful miniatures.


Three major buses in Jaisalmer are of particular interest.

Patton Key Haveli: This mansion is the most detailed case of splendor. The palace is located between narrow corridors and is classified into six apartments, two of which are conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India. This palace was built by five brothers from Jain from 1800 to 1860, where the trade of fine jewelry and pins flourished.

Salim Singh Ki Haveli: The 300-year-old private haveli, which is complex in form, is named after his first owner, Diwan Jin. Salem Singh. From narrow floors extends to countless carvings. You will love to see beautiful arched ceilings with carved arches in the form of a peacock. The strangest thing about the structure is that it was built without the use of mortars or cement.

Natalmal K. Haveli:This 19th century Havel was the home of the Prime Minister. She is proud of her impressive exterior designs that extend from carving paintings. Hathi and Lalu's brothers designed and contributed to Haveli's design plan.

Nearby places

Jaisalmer Fort: The majestic fortress of Rawal Gaisal began in the 12th century. Bhatti rulers continued to strengthen the fort and therefore the fort was among the living forts in Indian history. Reach the fortress winding slope through four enormous gates. See Dussera Chowk, Raj Mahal in the fort.

Gadi Sagar Lake: The reservoir was once a water reservoir and supplied the city with water. Surrounded by temples and shrines, the lake is a must-see site in Jaisalmer.

Hotels and Resorts

Fort Rajuada: It is the best heritage hotel in Jaisalmer, built in yellow sandstone and offers facilities like Kerala Massages. It has 91 guest service rooms.

His neighbor Jaisal Haveli: Heritage hotel wrapped inside the walls of the old Jaisalmer Castle. Seven wings are offered to tourists. With all modern facilities, the hotel has Western-style bathrooms and rooms with air conditioning. And a restaurant.

Rang Mahal: This palace is one of the best hotels in Jaisalmer. With all the modern facilities, the hotel is a prominent place in the hospitality industry.

quick Facts

Your location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Built by: Wealthy Jaisalmer dealers

Popular as: Heritage Palaces

Trips: Parmer, Pokran, Kishan, Sagar Mall, Amar Sagar, Sam Sand Dunes, Wood Fossil Park, Ludorva

How to reach Jaisalmer

  • By air: Nearest Airport in Jodhpur (285 km)
  • By rail: Delhi and Jaipur are connected by regular trains
  • By road: A road network connecting Jaisalmer to other cities.

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