Imlil Morocco – what you need to know

Imlil Morocco is a small Moroccan village located in the upper part of the Atlas Mountains. In 1984, a picture of the population problems in Imlil appeared in James Miller's Westview Press. It is said that 90% of tourists around the world regularly visit Imlil where there is a mountain. Toubkal is located. The village appears as a runway for tourists who would like to walk on a mountain. Toubkal.

Before Imlil Morocco became a national tourist destination, the village is famous for producing crops such as cherries, apples and walnuts. Production was in the mountainous areas of Imlil until tourism and the global economy began to grow in the country. In terms of hotel accommodation, the village has five hotels and restaurants where tourists can stay and relax. However, hotels and restaurants in Imlil do not necessarily accept credit cards as there are no banking services in the area.

One of the "best hotels in Imlil Morocco" is "Café Soleil". The hotel is located along the central part of the village's Main Square. Café Soleil offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of tourists. Services include high-quality rooms, Moroccan dishes, hiking equipment and free internet access. Kashbah du Toubkal is the most expensive hotel in the village today. Many tourists prefer to stay at the hotel despite the expensive services as the place is said to offer a range of valuable treatments after walking on a mountain. Toubkal. Kashbah du Toubkal is located on the mountain side facing the main square. "Club Alpain Francais" is the only hotel in Imlil where tourists are allowed to extend their stay from 2 to 4 months. The hotel is 3200 kilometers from Mt. Topkal Base Camp. Homestays is the cheapest hotel accommodation in Imlil today. Hikers can stay at the hotel's "Berber Home" where they can experience the genuine hospitality of the Imlil indigenous people.

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