Arundel – the historic city of West Sussex

Arundel is a market town located in West Sussex England, close to London – just 79 km away – and very close to Brighton, 29 km away. The Aaron River passes through the city, adding more exclusivity and beauty.

Arundel is a historic city, mentioned in a book on Friday. It is dominated by Arundel Castle, which is the region's main attraction. There is a wide range of art shops, craft shops, antiques and a wide range of restaurants and various accommodation.

Its proximity to the capital and some of the most famous cities in England has affected the tourist character of this city as well. There are a large number of B & Bs, hotels and even holiday cottages and guest houses available. Arundel was the perfect escape city for those who want to spend the weekend away from the cities, closer to nature and a more relaxed environment.

Arundel Castle is the second largest castle in England. Located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, overlooking the river. It was built at the end of the 11th century, by Roger de Montgomery, Roman. Due to a somewhat strange relationship between the owner of the castle and the local authorities, not many people have been able to fully explore the interior of the castle, but reports claim it is a unique place.

There are many theories and legends that refer to the origin of the word and the origins of the name Arundel. One of them indicates that there are lightning strikes on the slopes of the Aaron River, so the name actually refers to the rock of the century rock. One of the most common and popular beliefs is that the name comes from the French word Hirondelle, which refers to the swallow – the famous bird who lives at the top of the city.

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