South Korea’s cryptographic platform

Korean cryptographic platform ICONLOOP has been busy despite a long break in altcoin activity. The latest development of the project is a blockchain-based identity authentication service. ICON keeps the cryptographic news Many encryption projects have fallen away, as the prolongation of winter keeps the price of tokens on the floor. Some, however, ignored market issues […]

Ten unusual foods are mentioned in popular songs

On Thanksgiving Day, the local public radio station played the role of Alice's restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, who describes in great detail the ordeal of the singer on the last Thursday holiday in November. Some other songs seem to fit the theme of Thanksgiving, especially if you're looking for songs about turkeys. John Lennon Cold […]

Art Deco geometric shapes, sharp corners and patterns

When a group of leading Parisian artists organized an exhibition dedicated to modern industrial and decorative arts in 1925, they ignited the birth of a short-lived but highly influential design movement later known as Art Deco. In the 1920s and 1930s, he dominated a whole range of decorative arts, in fields as diverse as architecture, […]

Normandy Tours

Since the Allied forces landed on the shores of Normandy, this French region has had a special meaning for many men and their families. For many, it became the place where they died while others, who survived World War II, look back and remember the loss of friends (often family members) on the beaches of […]